The Business of Writing – Writing to Market

Every author is at a different point in their journey.

Some of you have already finished your book, and some of you are just starting.

I have met authors who have written, or plan to write, the story that speaks to them, and some who have set out to write the story that speaks to the reader.

Those who plan to speak to the reader are doing what is called Writing to Market.

Which type of author are you?

There is no wrong answer, but depending on who you are, and what writing means to you, your journey will be very different when you choose one of these paths to being published.

Each journey has its own challenges.

The author who writes the story that speaks to them will be challenged with decisions about how to market their passion to the masses and reach their audience.

The author who writes to market, choosing to write an a genre that they think will sell over a genre that might prefer or feel more comfortable writing in, will be challenged to find the passion to go on, and find the strength to believe that what they are doing will take them to where they want to be.

Knowing which one you are will help you to effectively plan the best ways to ensure your book is successful.

If you write to market, find successful authors that are already doing what you want to do in your chosen genre.  Follow them, and learn from what they are doing. You will still need to find your own voice, but you can learn a lot from observing those walking the same path around you.

If you want to tell the story that speaks to you, and you can’t find someone already on your path,  try to step out of yourself and imagine how an author writing your story could reach you as a reader.  What are your buying trends? What types of advertising have worked on you as a reader in the past? What sells you on making the purchase of a book that you to read?

Need some help figuring out which type of author plan best describes your personal journey? ALAREON can help.

Contact us today and schedule a free thirty minute Skype consultation to talk about your story and goals. From there, ALAREON  can set up a Personal Project Plan for services tailored to your needs and keep you moving toward making your dreams into reality.

No two authors and no two books are the same, but if you start thinking of how best to reach your audience and achieve your goals, you are already on the road to success.