Jo Brown is an international award-winning author, experienced journalist, blogger, and graphic artist, with an extensive background in business project management.

ALAREON is the culmination of her life experiences, the place where her passion for storytelling and creative design come together with the best business practices to assist Indie Authors in making their dreams come true.

“To me, there is nothing that has the power to shape our lives and our world like that of a good story, told well and filled with characters that represent the kind of people we all strive to be.”– Jo A. Brown, CEO, ALAREON MEDIA LLC


Elizabeth Williams has a lifetime of editing and writing experience. Her very first job was writing copy for radio ads (as well as doing voice-overs) while working with corporate clients to ensure that their message was clear, whether by brochure and advertising or Contracts and Annual Statements.

She understands the responsibilities that come with the title of editor, and that it is a deep and sacred trust which must be formed between the author and the editor to always produce the best version of a book.

She is an avid cross-genre reader, both fiction and non-fiction, and understands the intricacies of what makes a book good, but more importantly what makes a book great.

She calls her style of editing, “Prediting”, and combines proofing, editing, and reading to provide exceptional service for Indie Authors who love their craft.

“I love knowing that my position at ALAREON gives me the opportunity to partner with an Indie Author and help them shine! I truly believe that the future of publishing, and reading, is in the hands of Indie Authors who practice and hone their craft. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of their dreams with open arms.” – – Elizabeth Williams, Senior Managing Editor, ALAREON MEDIA LLC             

(I couldn’t get a photo out of her. She’s a big fan of cats, so I am honoring that passion here. I’m also teasing her a little, cause it’s fun. 😊 She has an amazing sense of humor and a passion for books that will dazzle you! –Jo)