File Formatting

File formatting is both technical and artistic in nature, depending on the needs of the individual author. This service can help you with:

  • Early ARC distribution
  • Special story giveaways
  • Direct download of your work

Artistic File Formatting

This feature is where you can include special things in your book to make it stand out. This can include but is not limited to:


  • Special chapter headings
  • Page graphics
  • Special colored fonts

ALAREON can guide you through what these little features can do, and what they can cost you as an author due to how they increase the file sizes and could lead to additional download fees from your vendor, i.e. Amazon, B&N, etc.

Technical File Formatting

This feature is about making sure your book comes through the upload process and ends up with the desired appearance.


  • Correct indentation
  • Appropriate italics
  • Page breaks
  • Proper linkage in ToC and to other features like newsletters and FB groups

ALAREON Pricing for Artistic Formatting E-Books & Paperbacks

Starts at $35.00 and varies depending on complexity of design, time required, fonts licensed. Estimate will be provided before work begins.

ALAREON Pricing for Technical Formatting E-Books & Paperbacks -Additional to Artistic, or as separate service

Ebook formatting can be provided in mobi, epub or PDF.  First format is $15.00, each additional is $10.00 per.

Paperback formatting $35.00

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*Note: All rates are subject to change, however no existing agreements will be altered when change is implemented.*