Are You A Binge-worthy Author?

Indie Publishing is changing the way people read, and setting new expectations for Indie Authors who want to keep their fans coming back for more. We are a society of people who demand instant gratification from our storytellers.

There are some things to balance and some key actions you can take as an Indie Author to fully maximize on this trend and keep fans excited about your work.

Here are 5 ways you can make instant gratification work for you as an author.

Get the reader’s attention.

Months before you publish set your website and social media fronts and start reaching out to readers by sharing tidbits of your coming release. Engage in discussions with them about the kinds of stories they like to read by doing takeovers in reading groups. Write a short story that is a prequel/introduction to the world you are building and give it away for FREE. End it on a cliffhanger that will leave the reader wanting more of this story, and include pre-order links for your first release as well as a newsletter sign up so fans can keep track of your upcoming events.

Make it easy for the reader.

With all the stresses of everyday life, the last thing you want to give your readers to stress about is finding your next story. Be sure to include a link to the next book in your series- even if this means you have to update your previously released manuscripts– so readers can find you with a simple click.

Consistent Branding

The reader has followed your link to your next book, but if you have more than one series out there, making sure they can easily identify the right book and the right series  easily is key to getting their next fix of your work. To that end, the cover art should be consistent in name placement, font style and title conventions, while also being visually appealing to your target audience. Investing in cover design for your book and finding a graphic designer who can continue to meet your needs for future releases is critical to ensure successful sales.


Editing is one of the most valuable services you can invest in to make sure your story is appealing, easy to follow and laid out in a way that captures the reader’s interest and holds it. Finding a good editor is another critical investment in your work that will pay off in solid reviews and good word of mouth about your story because the old saying is true. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Write What You Enjoy

There are authors who see certain kinds of books selling and think, “I could do that!” And maybe you can, but do you feel passionate about writing that kind of story?

As an author, one of the most frequent things I see in author discussion rooms are questions about how to write a sex scene, along with expressions of discomfort on tackling the subject. As a reader I have read intimate scenes where the author was clearly struggling and uncomfortable with what they were writing, and it showed. It killed my enjoyment of the scene, and in some cases broke the suspension of disbelief that they had created for me previously, plunging me back into my everyday life and out of their world. Rarely, do I ever return.

This isn’t only about writing intimate scenes though. Some authors struggle  to plot fight scenes or actions sequences in ways that flow visually for the reader and allow them to stay in the story.

Trying to write something you don’t enjoy will kill your passion and the reader’s as well.

Make sure when you invest in your story you are investing emotionally in material that interests you because the reader can tell, and they won’t care about your story if you don’t.

If you get the reader’s attention, make it easy for them to find you, give them a consistent quality product and let them feel the joy of your writing, your series will be both successful and binge-worthy!

Now go write something brilliant!


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 Jo Brown is an international award winning author, experienced journalist, blogger and fanfiction enthusiast who writes romance because to her, “every story is a love story.” She is also a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She publishes her unique blend of love, adventure and romance under the pen name Cybill Cain.

 ALAREON MEDIA is  her dream to help other authors on their journey through her personal and business experience.