2019 Goals – Review/ Revise

2019 is half over! I can hardly believe it.

It seems like it’s only been a minute since at I sat down in December and made a list of my personal and professional goals for the year.

It’s time to take a look at what I planned to accomplish, have accomplished and what I can expect from myself in the last half of the year.

Now, lots of folks will take this chance to focus first on the negative. Don’t fall into that trap.

First, look at the things you have accomplished. Make a list of them. Include things that you maybe didn’t plan, but did anyway, in place of something else or maybe in addition to the milestones on your road map for 2019.

Then pat yourself on the back and give yourself a treat for being so productive! This is one of the most positive things about writing down your goals because you an actually see them resolved and feel good about the effort.  This will give you the steam to keep moving forward!

Now, understanding that you have six months left, and your priorities may have shifted in the last six months, revise the list accordingly.

Focus on two or three tasks, don’t over load yourself. Use the momentum from the first half of the year to keep you moving!

What if you found your list has completely gone to the wayside? I mean, life happens, and we all know that.

Get back on track using your goals as a guide to put the back half of 2019 in order. Take a deep breath and GO!

Make your goals work for you.  Never give up. Never surrender!

Happy writing,