Speaking from the Heart – Inspiration

Where do you get your ideas? What do you use for inspiration?

Those are two of the most commonly asked questions for authors. They are also  impossible  to answer. They imply that the answer has more meaning than the end results.

Where we get our ideas, and what inspires us is as individual and unique as the storyteller themselves. It’s not like we can draw a map where X marks the spot that will allow you to pack a bag, travel there and partake.

Any idea or inspiration that will resonate comes from the heart of you.

The confusion may come in because the author or artist’s ideas touch you, and so you instinctively seek to understand more about them, confusing your journey of self-introspection with a journey into the author’s heart and mind.


The simple truth is, if a story has touched you that is about you, not the author. Don’t look away from what you find in yourself. Don’t seek to validate it with external experiences that are not your own. Don’t look for inspiration outside the things that move you as a person, and as an artist because that is your voice.

You will need a firm grasp of your voice if you want make it heard above others.

Hold the things that inspire you close. Seek them often. Use them to renew your will to move on, even when things seem their darkest.

There has never been a story told that won’t touch a reader somewhere the way you yourself have been touched. Don’t be afraid to be that author for someone else.

Now go write something brilliant today!

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Jo Brown is an international award winning author, experienced journalist, blogger and fanfiction enthusiast who writes romance because to her, “every story is a love story.” She is also a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She publishes her unique blend of love, adventure and romance under the pen name Cybill Cain.

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