Speaking From the Heart- The Problem with Genre Labels

Some people will tell you that they only read certain genres. Mystery, thriller, romance, fiction, women’s fiction, fantasy, science fiction, the list and the subgenres within each one is dizzying.

To me a good story can hold more than one of these elements, and in fact to be memorable it must.

Why? Because life is more than one thing. We as people are more than one thing.

Life can be filled with any and all of these elements swirling and churning all together at once. For a story to be relatable and leave a lasting impression on me as person it must be rich and multi-dimensional, incorporating multiple threads of an existence.

No detective is an island. While they solve crimes they still have feelings, and some of those can be romantic.

No fantasy character can quest and make me care unless they also have an emotional storyline.

No life is lived, fictional or otherwise, without forming intimate connections to the world around them.

The best lives, the ones that make the most difference, incorporate more than one experience and so does a good story.

If you took the time to talk to a person, and really got to know them you would find that everyone has a thrilling moment of mystery, a fantastic experience where reality seemed to peel back around them, and most of all they have a love story. Someone they have, or someone they seek to give all the other parts meaning. Someone they can share their experiences with and feel that they are understood and connected to the world around them.

Life and stories are only as limited as you let them be. Always be open to more.

Until next time,



Jo Brown is an international award winning author, experienced journalist, blogger and fanfiction enthusiast who writes romance because to her, every story is a love story. She is also a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She publishes her unique blend of love, adventure and romance under the pen name Cybill Cain.

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