Your Personal Project Plan

Now that you know what ALAREON has to offer you, let’s talk about how we make it happen.

Once you know what services you would like to purchase,  and have contacted us, we’ll set up a quick Skype meeting to talk it all through, and make sure we understand the expectations on both sides, or if you want to have a discussion before deciding what services you’d like to request, we can do that, too.
  • After we reach an understanding, we create a Personalized Project Plan for you with dates of delivery, and prices defined for you to approve.
  • Once accepted, half of total for all services agreed upon will billed to you via Paypal.
  • Once payment is received work will begin. *not meeting agreed payment dates can impact deadlines and cause delays*
  • You will get weekly updates as part of your project plan via email, however if you want a face to face  follow up Skype meeting can be arranged at your request. We retain the right to make the same request if we need clarification from you to ensure quality of service. *there is no charge for that at this time*
  • Once the work is complete, you will be invoiced from Paypal for outstanding balance.
  • Once payment is received completed services will be delivered to your email, or shared from a Google File location if that is your preference.

Planning your dates

Allow a minimum of 10 business days per service requested. The specifically defined dates will be a part of your Personalized Project Plan, but 10 business days will help you with planning release dates, etc. in the early stages of evaluating your needs.

Pricing Disclaimer

Our prices are subject to change, however, no change would be made to an already existing agreement at the time of implementation. In other words, you always know what to expect from us, and we feel that is very important.

ALAREON’s Promise to You

We’re never going to do anything that isn’t transparent to you with pricing or with making changes to you work.

Ready to get started?

Visit our Contact Us Page and let’s begin!