Professional BETA Reads

You finished your book, maybe even shown it to a few friends and family members, and everyone says it’s good, but you’re still not sure. What else can you do?

A professional BETA Review of your book can help.

First, our goal is to make sure you do have the best story possible.  We have the technical experience to evaluate your plot, story arc, and character development and help you professionally identify places where you could improve the story over all, and we know how to communicate that information to you in a precise accurate manner that will further your goals of becoming a successful writer.

ALAREON  standard BETA feedback includes the following:

  • Is your script readable?

Was it enjoyable to read? How quickly did the reader get through it? Where did it drag or move too quickly?

  • Reader’s Evaluation.

As a reader what did we think of your characters, plot and writing style?

  • Positive and Negatives about the story overall.

What did we love? What did we dislike about the story?

  • Editorial Evaluation.

What additional editorial services do we feel would benefit your story. These may be changes on your part, or services that we can provide here at ALAREON.

  • Specific Author Questions.

The author can submit a list of specific questions to be included in our evaluation.

  • Email or Skype discussion of BETA evaluation.

Once our review has been provided and you have had a chance to review, we can discuss any questions via email or during a Skype session.

Services that are not included as part of our BETA read service.

  • Punctuation, spelling or missing word correction. Specific editing suggestions for the manuscript.

ALAREON BETA Rates:  $30 per evaluation.

*Up to 4 can be requested per submission.

Visit our Contact Us page to request this service.

*Note: All rates are subject to change, however no existing agreements will altered when change is implemented.*