Are You A Binge-worthy Author?

Indie Publishing is changing the way people read, and setting new expectations for Indie Authors who want to keep their fans coming back for more. We are a society of people who demand instant gratification from our storytellers.

There are some things to balance and some key actions you can take as an Indie Author to fully maximize on this trend and keep fans excited about your work.

Here are 5 ways you can make instant gratification work for you as an author.

Get the reader’s attention.

Months before you publish set your website and social media fronts and start reaching out to readers by sharing tidbits of your coming release. Engage in discussions with them about the kinds of stories they like to read by doing takeovers in reading groups. Write a short story that is a prequel/introduction to the world you are building and give it away for FREE. End it on a cliffhanger that will leave the reader wanting more of this story, and include pre-order links for your first release as well as a newsletter sign up so fans can keep track of your upcoming events.

Make it easy for the reader.

With all the stresses of everyday life, the last thing you want to give your readers to stress about is finding your next story. Be sure to include a link to the next book in your series- even if this means you have to update your previously released manuscripts– so readers can find you with a simple click.

Consistent Branding

The reader has followed your link to your next book, but if you have more than one series out there, making sure they can easily identify the right book and the right series  easily is key to getting their next fix of your work. To that end, the cover art should be consistent in name placement, font style and title conventions, while also being visually appealing to your target audience. Investing in cover design for your book and finding a graphic designer who can continue to meet your needs for future releases is critical to ensure successful sales.


Editing is one of the most valuable services you can invest in to make sure your story is appealing, easy to follow and laid out in a way that captures the reader’s interest and holds it. Finding a good editor is another critical investment in your work that will pay off in solid reviews and good word of mouth about your story because the old saying is true. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Write What You Enjoy

There are authors who see certain kinds of books selling and think, “I could do that!” And maybe you can, but do you feel passionate about writing that kind of story?

As an author, one of the most frequent things I see in author discussion rooms are questions about how to write a sex scene, along with expressions of discomfort on tackling the subject. As a reader I have read intimate scenes where the author was clearly struggling and uncomfortable with what they were writing, and it showed. It killed my enjoyment of the scene, and in some cases broke the suspension of disbelief that they had created for me previously, plunging me back into my everyday life and out of their world. Rarely, do I ever return.

This isn’t only about writing intimate scenes though. Some authors struggle  to plot fight scenes or actions sequences in ways that flow visually for the reader and allow them to stay in the story.

Trying to write something you don’t enjoy will kill your passion and the reader’s as well.

Make sure when you invest in your story you are investing emotionally in material that interests you because the reader can tell, and they won’t care about your story if you don’t.

If you get the reader’s attention, make it easy for them to find you, give them a consistent quality product and let them feel the joy of your writing, your series will be both successful and binge-worthy!

Now go write something brilliant!


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 Jo Brown is an international award winning author, experienced journalist, blogger and fanfiction enthusiast who writes romance because to her, “every story is a love story.” She is also a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She publishes her unique blend of love, adventure and romance under the pen name Cybill Cain.

 ALAREON MEDIA is  her dream to help other authors on their journey through her personal and business experience.


Speaking From the Heart – Visual Storytelling

One night while having dinner with some friends I tried to open my mind and share my passion for writing. If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation like this with someone who isn’t into it, then you can probably understand the difficulties that are inherent to this scenario.

There are some things that you just have to be on the inside of to understand. Writing happens to be one of those.

The example I used was this: “There’s a bicycle leaning against a tree.”

I gave them a minute and then asked them to describe what they saw to me. The answers varied because they had drawn on their own life experiences to create the image I asked of them. Some of them pulled from the real experiences, and some from images they had seen in TV or movies.

If,  as an author, I needed that bike to be a specific brand or color, I would have told them to imagine it and provided more detail.

Because I didn’t provide any more direction for their minds than I did, they were able to supply the image they emotionally connected with and were ready to see what happened to that bicycle with whatever came next in the story.

When you are telling a story be sparse with descriptions unless you truly need the detail for a story point. This will allow the reader to directly connect to your story, and start to immerse themselves in actually becoming the character you are creating.

You can change perspective with the direction you provide, or with the direction you don’t.

What perspective do you want your reader to have when they read your work?

Once you know that, it not only informs how you communicate to them, but how they respond to the words you are giving them.

Speaking From the Heart – Where’s the romance in Romance?

I started reading romance novels in my early teens, and have been a fan of the genre since. Now, I publish them, and have been a romance author myself for several years. My knowledge on the subject spans both decades and subgenres. In Speaking From the Heart, I will discuss the evolution of the romance novel in my lifetime, and ask some of the questions that I have as a reader and as an author.

Today’s discussion: Where’s the romance in Romance?

I ask this question not only of today’s authors, but of authors from the past as well. It’s not an easy question, because what makes something romantic is completely subjective to the reader and the author.

For a book to be technically classified as a “romance” the Romance Writer’s of America offers this:  Two basic elements comprise every romance novel: a central love story and an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. 

As a reader of modern romance, I sometimes struggle to find a romance novel that contains actual romance.  Often the leads are “hooking up” but somewhere in the graphic descriptions , or the manufactured drama that so many think is necessary to validate the love story, there is no actual emotion happening between the characters that makes me  want to emotionally invest in their story.

I don’t think this is new. Looking back at the kinds of books I was reading when I first started, they had their own brand of emotionless interaction, their love stories often even initiated by actual physical violence that somehow shifted and became two characters “falling in love.” The only thing that may have changed in the romance genre is my perspective on it. But the question remains, where is the romance in the stories we label  as Romantic?

Where are the stories that give us the good feels, and the cathartic cries? Where are the ones that make us swoon inside and smile secret little smiles that make the people around us wonder what is going on in our heads? Where are the characters we long to meet, and wish we could emulate, or even become? Just for a day, or an hour, or an evening when we curl up and open a story to become someone else, just for a little while.

For some, romance is roses, and fancy dinners. For some romance is your significant other remembering to place the umbrella by the door so you won’t forget because the weather forecast said it was going to rain today.

Books can be about anything. I’ve rarely met one I didn’t like, but to me, if they are labeled romance, I want to buy some feels when I make a purchase. Specifically, I want some gosh dang romance.

The Business of Writing – Writing to Market

Every author is at a different point in their journey.

Some of you have already finished your book, and some of you are just starting.

I have met authors who have written, or plan to write, the story that speaks to them, and some who have set out to write the story that speaks to the reader.

Those who plan to speak to the reader are doing what is called Writing to Market.

Which type of author are you?

There is no wrong answer, but depending on who you are, and what writing means to you, your journey will be very different when you choose one of these paths to being published.

Each journey has its own challenges.

The author who writes the story that speaks to them will be challenged with decisions about how to market their passion to the masses and reach their audience.

The author who writes to market, choosing to write an a genre that they think will sell over a genre that might prefer or feel more comfortable writing in, will be challenged to find the passion to go on, and find the strength to believe that what they are doing will take them to where they want to be.

Knowing which one you are will help you to effectively plan the best ways to ensure your book is successful.

If you write to market, find successful authors that are already doing what you want to do in your chosen genre.  Follow them, and learn from what they are doing. You will still need to find your own voice, but you can learn a lot from observing those walking the same path around you.

If you want to tell the story that speaks to you, and you can’t find someone already on your path,  try to step out of yourself and imagine how an author writing your story could reach you as a reader.  What are your buying trends? What types of advertising have worked on you as a reader in the past? What sells you on making the purchase of a book that you to read?

Need some help figuring out which type of author plan best describes your personal journey? ALAREON can help.

Contact us today and schedule a free thirty minute Skype consultation to talk about your story and goals. From there, ALAREON  can set up a Personal Project Plan for services tailored to your needs and keep you moving toward making your dreams into reality.

No two authors and no two books are the same, but if you start thinking of how best to reach your audience and achieve your goals, you are already on the road to success.

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