ALAREON Service Guide

Your book is done, congratulations, again, because you deserve it!

Would you like a professional BETA Reader to review  your book and provide feedback? Find out about ALAREON’s professional BETA team, and how they can help you make your story shine by clicking the icon below.

Are you ready to submit your manuscript to ALAREON’s  professional editing team?

Need a cover that will make people excited to read your book? ALAREON can create something beautiful, unique and original for you eBook or paperback. ALAREON can also provide you with tantalizing teaser graphics that will grab your audience’s attention and not let go!

Editing and proofing are now complete and you’re ready to create the eBook files you need to upload to Amazon, B&N, Apple or others?  Or maybe you need help with your paperback formatting? ALAREON is here to make sure your book is the best it can be!

Need to create a unique logo or branding for your products and services?

Need something we haven’t listed? Contact us today and let’s talk about it together. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and dreams!