A message from the founder of ALAREON MEDIA LLC-

Just finished writing your book? Congratulations!

ALAREON is here to help you take the next step!

At ALAREON we understand how confusing and challenging the world of Indie Publishing can be.

When I first entered Indie Publishing three years ago I felt so overwhelmed and confused by all the choices I almost gave up before I really got started. There was no defined path for my work, and I didn’t  know where to turn, or even what questions to ask.

How can ALAREON help you get your book published?

In the old school of traditional publishing an author was controlled and guided by in house teams of editors, proofers and graphic design artists dedicated to launching their books.

Three years ago that just wasn’t available in the Indie world, and while maintaining creative control over my story was key for me as an artist, I needed help to figure out my next moves, but more than that, I knew immediately I  also wanted to help other Independent Authors with their own journeys, so they never had to feel lost and alone as they worked to make their dreams come true.

At ALAREON we believe you should never give up on a dream.

Getting here today, writing these words for you has been a long road for me, just as it has been for you to read them. I know from experience where you are, and where you want to be, and I want to help you get there.

ALAREON is where business experience comes together with creative design.

I have over a decade of project management experience, dealing with complex technical systems and deadlines. I also have extensive experience writing for news outlets, and blogs, as well as three years down in the trenches learning first-hand about Indie Publishing and graphic design, and that’s just me!

I’ve also assembled an amazing team of people who will partner with you to define your goals, and work with you step by step to make sure you achieve them!

ALAREON is an invaluable resource with experience in business planning,  BETA Reading, Editing and Graphic Design Services!  You can learn more about us on our Meet the ALAREON team page.

From cover to cover, ALAREON has you covered.

Together, the ALAREON team is your one stop solution for all your Independent publishing needs. Ebook and paperback cover designs, teaser graphics, editing, proofing, BETA reading and file formatting, we can do it all to help you make your dreams a reality.

We work with all genres of fiction, and also provide services for non-fiction books.

No author is an island. It takes a team to help you realize  your dream.

It’s important to remember that no one gets there alone. You wrote an amazing book, and you want to hand it off to people who will care for it and respect it just as you have for the next steps of its journey. Whether you are a first time author, or a seasoned veteran, ALAREON is the team that can help you make your story shine.

Grab my hand, click this link and let’s take the next step together right now. Let us show you what ALAREON can do to make your story shine.

Jo A. Brown

CEO and founder of ALAREON MEDIA LLC