Editing Services

Editing is one of the two most important investments you can make in your book before you publish.

Working with an editor will elevate your storytelling to the next level.

You know the story. You’ve lived it every day for months or even years. Of course, your brain is going to tell you that you’ve found all the mistakes, because at a certain point what you believe and expect to see will be what your eyes show you.  This is one of the ways a good editor can elevate your storytelling powers to superhero levels.

A good editor will also let you know when your voice isn’t coming through on paper the way it did in your head.  This is a tricky one, but an author knows their story, and the backstory and what is going to happen three books from now.

You thought you nailed it, but it’s easy to forget the reader doesn’t know everything you do, and that is why clarity of your voice is critical to the success of your book.

ALAREON’s Editing Services include the following:

  • Story Arc
  • Plot Consistency
  • Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

ALAREON Fiction Editing- Option 1: $1.50 per Word page.

  1. We work from a WORD document and track change recommendations via comments.
  2. Once we are done we send the commented script back to the author so they can make the changes.

ALAREON Fiction Editing- Option 2: $2.50 per Word page.

  1. We work from a WORD document, and track changes via comments.
  2. Once we have completed the review and commented the manuscript, we will make the actual changes and send a copy of the commented script and a copy of the polished changed script to the author.


*Proofing is a separate fee in addition to editing rates.

ALAREON Non-Fiction Editing and Proofing Rates will vary depending on:

  • Complexity of work
  • Size of manuscript
  • Time that will be  needed to fact check
  • Standard editing services and proofing.

Contact us for a quote on services for your non-fiction works.


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*Note: All rates are subject to change, however no existing agreements will be altered when change is implemented.*